Rayong, Thailand


The Background


POSCO-Thainox Public Company Limited (POSCO-Thainox), Thailand’s only manufacturer and distributor of premium cold-rolled stainless steel sheets and coils, was founded on 30 July 1990 as a joint venture between world leading steel industry groups from France (Arcelor), Japan (Nippon Steel), and Thai investors. On 20 September 2011, POSCO, Global Steel and Stainless Steel Maker acquired Thainox.


POSCO-Thainox’s manufacturing facility is the first and the most advanced of its kind in the entire ASEAN region.


Currently, POSCO-Thainox possesses an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons To better serve the company’s existing customer base as well as support its growth and rising demands for stainless steel consumption, a capacity increase to 300,000 tons is planned.


POSCO-Thainox supplies 60% of its premium-quality stainless steel products for applications in various industries domestically, and exports 40% of its output to more than 30 countries across the globe through strong networks. Since its establishment, POSCO-Thainox has increased its domestic and global market share at an annual compounded growth rate of 20%.


The Challenge


As POSCO-Thainox annual production increased, so too did acid consumption, waste water generation and other environmental liabilities. Given these challenges, POSCO-Thainox sought technology that could reduce H2SO4 and HNO3-HF pickling acid consumption, the environmental impact of NOX emissions, waste water generation, and waste sludge, as well as improve production availability of the annealing and pickling lines. Improved surface quality of the finished product was also an important consideration.



The Scanacon Solution


Scanacon has been instrumental in achieving POSCO-Thainox goals, supplying various pieces of acid management equipment. Initially, Scanacon supplied a SA70 Acid Manager, Acid Recovery, Filtration and Acid Circulation on the Cold Rolled Annealing & Pickling Line (CAPL). When the Hot Rolled Annealing & Pickling Line (HAPL) was installed, the same acid management technologies from Scanacon were included from the design stage.


The Result


More than 35% HF and 40% HNO3 are saved annually, and NOx emission is kept under the control limit without any “Denox” unit required. A waste-sludge landfill reduction of 50% as been achieved. Importantly, with Scanacon, finishing process control, line uptime, productivity and quality is continually ensured.


Scope of Work


Scanacon supplied a complete acid management solution to POSCO-Thainox, including:


• Engineering

• SA70 Acid Manager

• SA100 Automatic Acid Analyzer

• CycloSAFU

• SAR ModuFlex

• Commissoning

• Training


"Scanacon acid management system is easy to use and easy to maintain. Pickling has never been controllable like this before"
- AP Manager