Taiyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (TISCO)



Taiyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (TISCO)

Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, People’s Republic of China


The Background


TISCO is the world’s largest stainless steel producer and a market leader in stainless, special steels and high-grade carbon steels. TISCO is a fully integrated producer, with mines, processing plants and service centers throughout China, and Shanxi’s largest employer with revenues of 200 billion RMB.


Among the most modern steel producers in the World, TISCO has invested heavily in production, processing and environmental technology in the last decade.


The Challenge


After the start-up of TISCO’s first modern stainless steel Annealing & Pickling Line (APL), TISCO realized that a method for rapid and accurate analysis of the pickling process was necessary to eliminate production concerns. After installation of two additional APL’s, problems of high acid usage, the ever-growing environmental impact and the need to improve productivity and surface quality became apparent.




The Scanacon Solution


Since 1999, Scanacon hast supplied their SA70 Acid Manager to all 7 stainless steel flat rolled products APL’s at Taiyuan Works. Additionally, at Taiyuan, TISCO also has purchased SA70 for their wire, heavy plate and extruded tubular products pickling lines, and their central laboratory. At Tianjin and Linfeng Works, Scanacon has supplied SA70 for the existing APL's, and will supply SA70’s to their two new Hot Rolled Annealing & Pickling Lines (HAPL) and Direct Roll Anneal & Pickling Lines (DRAPL) at Taiyuan Works that will be commissioned during 2013; in all 14 SA70’s have been supplied to TISCO.


In addition to acid analyzers, Scanacon has supplied five complete acid management systems to TISCO consisting of Acid Recovery and Filtration Systems to TISCO’s CAPL’s, HAPL and Combi-APL and four more systems will be supplied for the four new APL’s commissioned in 2013. In total, more than 14,000 Liters/hr of Pickling Acid Filtration and Recovery capacity is currently operational at TISCO, with an additional 10,000 Liters/hr to be installed by 2013.


The Result


Since 1999, Scanacon’s SA70 have been an important production tool for TISCO’s line operators and Quality Assurance staff. With future APL’s increasing in speed, capacity and TISCO’s need to manage the finishing of multiple, high value steel grades, the requirement of the SA70’s to monitor the pickling line chemistry becomes increasingly important.


All supplied Acid Recovery and Filtration Systems have exceeded the guarantee figures, resulting in total acid savings of between 35-40% for HF and 45-50% for HNO3. In addition to total acid savings, Scanacon systems have maintained consistent process concentrations in the pickling tanks and continuously removing sludge, which improves productivity in the lines. Finally, reduced acid consumption results in reduced environmental impact and hazardous work for the employees.


Due to past successes and ever-growing co-operation between Scanacon and TISCO for 13 years, we expect that there will be many more projects in the years to come.


Scope of Work


Scanacon has supplied multiple complete acid management solutions to TISCO including:


• SA70 Acid Manager

• CycloSAFU

• SAR-ModuFlex

• SAR-ModuFlex-XL


• Commissioning

• Training


"Scanacon is a reliable and innovative company with a good service organization. We bought our first analyser in 1999 and we have kept buying analysers and recovery systems ever since "
- TISCO APL Manager