Do you want to increase efficiency in an existing plant

Scanacons modular system design makes it possible to upgrade an existing plant with new technology




Meet the latest member of the ModuFlex family

Engineered for producers of Titanium, Zirconium and other Special Metals



A Very Special Offer for Special Metals Producers

ModuFlex to SM-ModuFlex upgrade brings the latest technology into your production facility, improving economics and productivity !


For over 15 years, Scanacon’s SAR ModuFlex system has remained the worlds first and only modular technology for free acid recovery from acid finishing processes.


Now, Scanacon is pleased to announce an upgrade for existing ModuFlex customers operating acid pickling and chemical milling processes for special metals such as titanium and zirconium.


Upgrading to the SM-ModuFlex allows you to take advantage of the benefits of the very latest in acid-metal separation technology, while preserving the capital investment originally made in the ModuFlex system.



The SM-ModuFlex upgrade increases productivity and brings significant savings due to improved metal separation and acid recovery efficiencies.


When compared to the previous generation of ModuFlex, Scanacon SM-ModuFlex offers the special metals producer multiple benefits - improving efficiency by 25%, reducing waste volume, reducing lime for neutralization and saving additional thousands of dollars per year !


How does it operate ?


The SM-ModuFlex upgrade replaces the existing ModuFlex resin bed with a specialty designed column geometry that improves flow characteristics. This, combined with an entirely new separation media allows for complex acid-metal separations that are either inefficient or not possible by acid sorption, retardation or membrane technologies.


Delivering complete acid management solutions since 1982


Scanacon are specialists in delivering engineered solutions for the management of acids used in the pickling, chemical milling and etching of stainless steels, titanium, zirconium and other metals and alloys. We have been providing the best available process control technology for acid processes for over 30 years.

Our range of products include acid-metal and acid-solids separation, acid-metal analysis, circulation systems, thermoplastic fabrication and waste-water treatment systems.

Scanacon equipment optimizes the acid finishing process, reducing acid consumption and waste and deliver benefits in improved productivity, quality, cost, employee health & safety and the environment to our customers.









Upgrading is Easy !

Scanacon is offering a basic upgrade package to existing CycloSafu customers to convert to AsraSafu. Contact your Scanacon representative for more details.