Acid/Solids Separation


High Solids Removal System (ASRA)


Designed to facilitate the removal of suspended solids where the concentration is high to very high in mixed acid and single acid processes. Applications include hot rolled and annealed stainless and titanium flat products pickling and de-glassing & pickling for stainless extruded products.


Engineered to remove high volumes of suspended solids from a finishing process directly, the ASRA is capable of eliminating the need to clean solids accumulation from a process bath nearly indefinitely, operating where other filtration methods, such as sedimentation are inefficient and impractical.


Utilizing a series of woven thermoplastic fabric elements, a specially designed HF proof fibre-reinforced housing and PVDF piping, the ASRA can operate at the high temperatures typically found in Sulphuric acid pickling. The compact modular design, low waste generation, and the ability to produce a low-moisture solid filter-cake, without moving plates, make the ASRA a superior alternative to all filtration technologies typically employed in high-solids applications – including filter-press.