Acid/Solids Separation

Cyclo-SAFU (Replaced with the New Asra-SAFU)


Cyclone-Microfiltration Filtration System


For mixed acid processes demanding greater flow and solids removal, and where concentrations of suspended solids are higher than that found in typical cold finishing applications. Applications include cold rolled and annealed flat rolled products and hot and cold finished long products finishing.


The Cyclo-SAFU is an advanced two-stage filtration system, using two filtration methods – centrifugation and cross-flow microfiltration. The Cyclo-SAFU is a continuous filtration system, capable of delivering high volumes of filtered acid solution with low acid loss and waste-water generation. Capable of handling high total suspended solids feeds that render sand or media filters virtually inoperable, the Cyclo-SAFU can operate on mixed HNO3-HF process at temperatures up to 60C, and deliver a filtrate quality of 1 micron.