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Our acid management solutions give your products a brilliant finish, whether stainless steel, titanium or recycled materials. You're also doing the climate a favor by re-circulating acid and reducing waste.
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This is scanacon

Making metals shine since 1982

Scanacon is an experienced industry leader in acid management. We offer complete solutions that optimize finishing processes, typically pickling, etching or chemical milling. Our customers are found mainly in the steel, titanium, zirconium or specialty-alloy industries. Since 1982, we have been making metal products shine a little bit brighter.

about scanacon

Best quality, economy and sustainability

We keep every batch of your pickling, etching or milling acid fresh for longer intervals through smart acid management, seamlessly integrated in your production. Less acid going into your plant means less money spent and less waste out. No wonder metal producers have been adopting The Scanacon Way for over 40 years.

The Scanacon Way

Metal recycling

Don’t waste a nickel. Produce it!

Scanacon is currently developing the world's first metal recycling system capable of extracting metallic nickel from waste streams. The automated process will regenerate up to 30 kilograms of high-value basic nickel every hour – ready to be fed straight back into your stainless-steel production.

Scanacon Metal recycling

Customer cases

Scanacon in the world

Scanacon is playing a vital role in numerous metal finishing processing contexts across the globe. Our customers are found throughout the metal production and processing industries, including stainless steel, titanium, aerospace, metal recycling and more.


products and Solutions

Scanacon offers a full range of products that, when combined, make up a complete acid management system for finishing processes. Our products are highly modular in design and  easy to combine into complete solutions and to integrate into your production.

“Climate change is real but not the end station. That's why these are such exciting times to be heading a technology company seeking to reduce the climate footprint in metal production. Our industry must do its part and we have seen some promising innovation lately, including the first fossil-free steel production. At Scanacon, we're determined to continue helping customers to improve surface quality, reduce acid and alloy-metal volumes – while minimizing waste streams and emissions.”

Karl Holmqvist CEO Scanacon