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Scanacon offers a full range of services supporting finishing processes in pickling, etching and chemical milling – including maintenance, installation, commissioning, training, upgrades, service agreements and pickling audits.

Installation and commissioning

Scanacon turn-key installation services are available with every system we supply – no matter the size, complexity or geographical location of the project.

Selecting Scanacon for a project installation ensures the highest quality installation available, with “on time” execution and professional project management. Who better to install the equipment than the company that engineered and manufactured it?

Commissioning services are provided with a high attention to detail, ensuring your equipment will be up and running on schedule after the installation.


Our technical training ensures that your Scanacon equipment is operated and maintained optimally.

We ensure that the training provided meets our customers specific requirements, across a wide range of skill sets and departments, including engineering, operations and maintenance.

Scanacon training services are offered at a Scanacon training facility or at your plant site, at your convenience.

Continuous “refresher training” is available for existing plant personnel as well as for new plant personnel.

To discuss the details of our training services, please contact us today.

Upgrades and replacements

You made the right choice selecting Scanacon equipment in the first place. Today, however, your needs and requirements may have changed?

Our goal is to continuously protect and improve your initial investment by offering equipment upgrades and replacements.

Whether the initial investment with Scanacon was made 5, 10 or 30 years ago, our experts will help develop a long-term operation and capacity plan for you. By performing a complete review of your Scanacon system, we can identify upgrade opportunities with the greatest ROI and productivity potential.

To discuss the details of our upgrades and replacements programs, please contact us today.

Service agreements

Scanacon offers a wide range of service agreements and contracts designed to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Our service agreements are designed to optimize and enhance the life-cycle performance of your Scanacon system. Designed to complement your existing in-house maintenance, our service team will offer the additional capabilities and skills required to maintain Scanacon equipment at its optimum efficiency.

Understaffed? Limited resources ? No worries. Scanacon offers complete maintenance agreements that address all your service needs and allow you to focus your maintenance efforts on other needs.

Thinking about outsourcing your maintenance ? Talk to us. Scanacon can bundle services to best meet your maintenance needs.

Looking to reduce inventory of spares and consumable items ? We’re here to help. Service agreements can help minimize your investment in consumables and spare parts, while ensuring that critical items are always available in stock.

Emergency outage or unscheduled shutdown ? No problem. Scanacon’s service professionals are available 24/7 to have your equipment back online as soon as possible.

To discuss what service package would best suit your needs, please contact us today.