Making metal shine since 1982

Scanacon offers complete acid management solutions that help optimize finishing processes, typically pickling, etching or chemical milling. We provide a wide range of technologies and services to the steel, stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, specialty alloy and other industries around the world.

Vision and business idea

The world leader in acid management

At Scanacon, we pride ourselves of our achievements and aim to remain the world leader by delivering technology excellence and unparalleled customer focus. Looking forward, we are committed to continuing to be the benchmark for products and services in our existing, and in new, arenas for years to come.

Our business idea

Scanacon offers knowledge-based services and technologies to the steel, stainless steel, speciality alloy and other industries including primary metal producers and electro refiners, worldwide.

By providing leading process knowledge, combined with cutting-edge technology for solids filtration, acid-metal separation and analysis, we help our customers achieve benefits in productivity, quality, cost, employee health and safety, climate and environment.

Our heritage

At the forefront since 1982

Scanacon revolutionized the stainless steel industry in 1982 when our founders developed the first generation acid analyzer. The SA30 radically simplified the complex and time-consuming process of measuring free acid and metals in the finishing solution and brought, for the first time, the control of the finishing process from the laboratory to the mill floor.

Our deep understanding of the finishing process and of mill operation has allowed Scanacon to stay at the forefront of innovation, responding to the needs of the market, and simply understand what works and what doesn't.

Close cooperation with customers

Working alongside customers, Scanacon has aquired an unparalleled insight into the finishing process for stainless steels, titanium, zirconium and speciality alloys in all of their product forms. Cast or wrought, hot or cold worked, flat rolled, long or tubular products – Scanacon has the understanding and the experience to deliver value to our customers, no matter the challenge.

Sustainability driven innovation

Our passion and entrepreneurial spirit is supported and guided by our owner, Alder II AB, one of the leading sustainable technology investors in Scandinavia. As a member of the Alder family, Scanacon will continue to grow and invest in the R&D and in people that fuel innovation with a single goal – to supply our customers with the very best in products, services and solutions.

Our experience, driven by the needs of the industry, has helped us help our customers by optimizing their finishing processes. It is a heritage that we are proud of and a commitment that we intend to continue without respite.


Welcome to the evolving world of Scanacon, where innovation never stands still. Below you can read news releases, white papers and other information materials about Scanacon and the industries we serve with unmatched acid management and other solutions. You can also meet some of the people behind our products and services as well as read case stories about some of the many successful solutions that we have delivered around the world.


The people working for us, directly and indirectly, are all cornerstones in delivering excellence to our customers. We are an equal opportunities employer and we do not discriminate for any reason – gender, age, religion and the like. Our ‘no substitute for excellence’ ethos is reflected in the way we encourage continuous training across a spectrum of educational courses for our workforce.

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