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Rheem, a global leader in heating, cooling and water heating products, needed to reduce discharge from its finishing process while optimizing performance. Scanacon guided and advised Rheem and installed a complete acid management solution, helping Rheem to comply with environmental regulation.
The background

The Rheem Manufacturing Company is a global leader in the manufacturing of heating, cooling and water heating products. Rheem Manufacturing Co (Australia) was incorporated in 1936, and manufactures gas, electric, heat-pump and solar water heaters for the Australian market.

The problem

After decommissioning an existing manufacturing facility in Perth where finishing of stainless water heater components was made, Rheem’s new manufacturing facility at Raydalmere came under scrutiny due to stricter environmental regulations for discharge. Further, limited knowledge about the pickling process and high acid and waste costs were also challenges.

The Scanacon solution

Guiding and advising the customer in all aspects of finishing line design to meet the challenges at Raydalmere, Scanacon went on to supply the equipment necessary to optimize the finishing process with minimal waste discharge.

The result

Since 2006, the new manufacturing facility at Raydalmere received the approvals of the Paramatta NSW Municipal Authorities for continued environmental compliance. Scanacon equipment continues to deliver value by minimizing quality variations in the finishing process, with zero downtime. In addition to reduced environmental liabilities, operator health and safety is ensured by reducing exposure to pickling acids.

Scope of work

Scanacon supplied a complete acid management solution to Rheem, including:

  • Engineering
  • AT75 Acid Tester
  • SAR-MiniFlex
  • Commissioning
  • Training


"With the Scanacon acid recovery system, wastewater quality has been under control and we have had no NOx fume experience with our cylinder pickling at all."
- Environmental Manager

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